9 Stunning Wig Hairstyles for a New Look

9 Stunning Wig Hairstyles for a New Look



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When you decide to get a wig, your personal styling options open up dramatically. But the variety of wig styles is so drastic, it can actually feel overwhelming. Do you want to commit to one look for easy maintenance, or switch it up every other week? 

No matter what your wig goals are, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list to help you envision which hairstyles for wigs are best for you.


9 Quick & Easy Wig Hairstyles

A quick tip before we get started: no matter which wigs styles you choose, remember to wash your wig regularly. Good wig maintenance also means storing it in a protected, clean area away from dust, rowdy kids, or curious pets. An air conditioned space out of direct sunlight is best. 

Now, without further ado, here are nine wig hairstyles to consider for your next look! 

1. Beachy Waves

    Beachy waves are all the rage for short, medium, and long hair. If you’re wanting a bit more volume than straight hair offers, the gently tousled wavy look is perfect. First, spray a heat protectant product on the wig. To create beachy waves, use a one inch curling wand or iron. 

    Of course, you can experiment with various sized wands or irons, but a one inch will do the trick for most hair lengths. (Generally, a larger curling wand produces larger waves for longer hair and smaller ones create more precise waves for shorter hair.) To ensure a wavy look as opposed to curly, don’t curl near the base or hair ends. The waves should start around the ear. 

    Spritz some hairspray when finished to help the look last longer and reduce frizz. (Use high-quality hair spray for best results.) Once wavy, leave as-is, or throw into a pony with one wavy strand left out to frame the face asymmetrically. Or, take a shortcut and purchase a wig that comes pre-styled with beachy waves

    2. Voluminous Curls

      There are many different types of curls: loose, coiled, tendrils, old Hollywood — the options are endless! The first step to creating this look is to decide the type of curl you want. 

      If your current wig is not curly, first you will need to detangle it with a comb or brush. Repeat the same process as above (to achieve beachy waves), curling one section of hair at a time with the wand. To maintain curl precision, do not brush it out as much — brushing it out will create softer, looser curls. A hot air brush is a fast and easy way to get those dramatic curls in less time! If you do not want to use heat, curl using self-hold rollers. Choose between a 12-piece or 18-piece set, depending on your wig’s length and volume. Section the hair off and roll from the ends toward the base.

      Once curls are in place, style however you want. Leave it as-is, throw it into a messy bun, do a half updo, or pin back with a claw clip.

      3. Dramatic Bobs

        For short hair, there is nothing more fierce and fun than a dramatic bob. First, get a wig already cut at bob length. Alternatively, go to a hairdresser to cut it, or cut it yourself. A dramatic bob is cut at or around the jawline. 

        Go chic with an asymmetrical angle and a blunt chop. Trimming the ends at a rounded angle creates a slightly softer look. Round under the ends for a more mature look or style the ends straight down for an edgier more trendy look. Bangs complement this look well, creating a bold look sure to catch the eye. Finally, what kind of part do you want: middle, side, or combed back? You’re free to mix it up!

        4. Bold Updos

          An updo is an elegant hairstyle, oftentimes for a formal event, like a wedding or a gala. An updo can involve a bun, ponytail, braids, or some combination of the three. For example, to create a small bun, tie a high pony at the crown of your head. Twirl the ponytail tightly around the base and secure the hair ends with bobby pins.

          Accessories like flower crowns, glittering tiaras, or headbands complement an updo. The secret to a bold updo is plenty of bobby pins: we’re talking ten, twenty, thirty. Generally, an updo requires more hair to work with, so this is considered one of many long hair wig styles.  Make sure to blend your own hair around the edges of the wig for a more seamless natural look. Added tip is to have clips on the bottom edge of the wig to help keep it down when it is styled up.

          5. Romantic Braids

            Let braids further inspire more hairstyles for long wigs. There are so many different types: fishtail, box braids, pigtail braids, French braids, a single loose braid, braids twisted up into a bun… each one its own unique process. Expertly braided hair is a classy and polished look, whereas loose braids give off a dreamy and romantic vibe.

            One of the simplest braids to do are loose braids on either side of your head. This one is easy to do with your wig already on. First, separate the hair into two halves. Further separate one of those halves into three sections. Intertwine those three sections of hair, one over the other. Repeat for the other half of your hair. 

            The more hair you have to work with, the thicker the braid will be. Braiding your own hair, especially in an intricate way, is not the easiest. But intricate braids on a wig are much easier to do when the wig is resting on a mannequin head. You may even be inspired to weave a ribbon or flowers amongst the overlapping strands.

            6. Stylish Bangs

              There are several different bangs options to create super cute wig hairstyles: straight across, angled curtain bangs, wispy, ultra short baby bangs, or asymmetrical side bangs. Different face shapes suit different styles of bangs; for example, angled bangs provide a lovely contrast to round faces. 

              Bangs can complement any of the cute hairstyles for wigs on this list, and any wig length. Bangs are usually straight, but some fringed wig hairstyles call for a bit of lift, volume, wave, or even curl. You may choose to purchase clip-in bangs, wigs with bangs, cut bangs onto your wig yourself, or go to a hairdresser. You can cut wig bangs with the wig on your head or on a mannequin head – whichever you feel more comfortable with. 

              Once the bangs are established, you’ve got options to style your new ‘do. Pin back a chunk of hair back on either side and clasp in the back for a clean and polished look. For a wilder, more tousled look, go for beachy waves.

              7. Sensible Lob

                If you’re not comfortable chopping a lot of hair off your wig, don’t worry! A “lob” might be right for you. A lob is a long bob, like this shoulder-length highlighted wig. A shaggy lob with tousled waves completes a casual, boho chic aesthetic. 

                A straight lob is sleek and empowering, especially when paired with a power suit. Once cut to a medium length (just above shoulder but below the ears), this practical, moderate look can be styled in a variety of ways. A lob is long enough to be pulled back in a bun or ponytail for workouts, formal events, or just lounging at home. 

                8. Layered and Textured

                  Layers create depth and texture in a wig. Some wigs come layered, while others require you to get a hairdresser’s help in cutting them. Long layers create a cascading effect at the ends of the hair only, whereas short layers are more evident from mid-length downward. 

                  Layers look different on straight, wavy, and curly hair, so consulting with a hairdresser is advisable before picking up the scissors yourself. A layered look can be worn in any style and it offers countless styling options that are as cute and trendy as you! 

                  9. Short and Sweet

                    Last but certainly not least, a super short pixie cut wig is incredibly freeing and low maintenance. Consider a wig pre-styled with a sleek, side swept bang. Or curl a few pieces with a small curling wand to achieve an effortlessly tousled, bedhead look. 

                    Accessorize with barrettes, hats, and headbands. If you want to be really bold, you can use bright colors to dye your hair in playful streaks. This look isn’t for the faint-hearted, it’s full of attitude! If you want to show off your jawline in a big way, this spunky wig style is for you. 


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