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Milano Collection medium brown wigs and toppers are available in a variety of different shades. Our shade selections include Neutral Medium Brown, Warm Medium Brown, Medium Brown with Highlights, Medium Brown Babylight, Medium Brown Balayage, and Medium Brown Ombre. We can also customize your wig color further if you choose with our highly experienced team of wig hair stylists. Our medium brown wigs are available in high quality human hair types including Virgin European hair, Premium Processed hair, and Processed Euro hair. Milano medium brown wigs are uniquely designed with you in mind, and come in many different styles and cap constructions, including silk tops, lace tops, and mono types, and in lengths from extra short to extra long. We also have medium brown wigs and toppers in different densities, including light, medium and full density. All of our Milano medium brown wigs are designed to be lightweight, comfortable, secure and natural looking. We make it our mission to help you experience your dream hair.