About Swiss Lace

What is Swiss Lace?

Milano Collection uses the finest swiss lace for its wigs and toppers.  Swiss lace has smaller holes than regular lace, and thus provides the most invisible transition between the forehead and the natural hairline.  Our swiss lace is reinforced for greater durability, and is designed in a zig zag pattern in the front that looks natural and undetectable.

Which Milano Collection Wigs or Toppers have Swiss Lace?

For our wigs and toppers that have lace tops (Divine), the Swiss lace is used on the top and front.  It provides a seamless transition at the front hairline and the part-line and is very natural and undetectable to the eye.

Although our Silk Top Wigs, have a silk top as the name indicates, we have incorporated Swiss lace in the front, for a natural looking hairline.  The lace front eliminates bulk and creates a softer transition from the forehead to the wig. 

What is Folded Lace?

Folding the lace is the ideal option when you are blending your front hairline with the wig/topper.  It eliminates the zig zag front which is meant to be sitting on your forehead.

Folded vs Zig-Zag Lace
What is Deep Lace vs. Standard Lace and Which Should You Choose?

Most of our wigs and toppers have two options – Deep Lace and Standard Lace.   

The Deep lace top provides a hand tied lace section to the whole top of the wig.   It can provide more lift and volume at the top or hairline but it will be more delicate and tends to have more wear and tear than a Milano standard lace top. 

If you choose a wig that does not have a lace top, many of these wigs/toppers also have a deep lace option for the front hairline.  See the below illustrations for the difference between deep and standard lace.

You may want Deep Lace:

  • If you’re looking for more volume by the hairline and top
  • If you wear a side part on your wig/topper

You may want Standard Lace:

  • If you prefer a flatter, less voluminous look on top
  • If you wear bangs
  • If you tend to be heavy on your wigs and frequently lose hair

Lace Top Wigs/Toppers (Divine)

Lace Top Options

Silk (Skin) Top Wigs/Toppers

Lace Front Options