Milano Collection is a well known leader in the wig and topper market globally and we've been servicing the wig, topper and wig accessory needs of women globally, whether they are seeking alternative hair for fashion, hair loss or religious reasons. Milano Collection knows that choosing the ideal wig or topper can be a challenging experience that involves a number of factors, so we have created a quiz that is designed to help women select the best wig or topper for their needs. This innovative tool is changing the way women shop for wigs and hair toppers, making the process easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

The Milano Collection Wig Matchmaker is an online quiz that takes women through a series of questions to determine their individual needs when it comes to wigs or toppers. The quiz is easy to take and can be completed in just a few minutes or even less. Women are asked questions about their lifestyle, the type of hair they are looking for, their desired length, color, amount of coverage, and other important factors that will help to determine the best wig or topper for them.

One of the things that sets the Milano Collection Wig Matchmaker apart from other similar tools is the level of personalization that it offers. The quiz was designed by our foremost wig experts, who have many years of experience consulting with, recommending, and helping women to choose their optimal alternative hair. Their collective wisdom takes into account each woman's unique needs and preferences, and the results are tailored to match those needs. The quiz also recognizes that the reason why women are choosing to wear alternative hair is as important as the features they are looking for in their hair choice. This means that women who use the Wig Matchmaker are more likely to find a wig or topper that they love and that looks great on them.

Another benefit of the Milano Collection Wig Matchmaker is the wide range of wigs and toppers that are available. Milano Collection offers a huge selection of human hair wigs and toppers in a variety of hair types, styles, colors, lengths and price points. This means that women who use the Wig Matchmaker are sure to find a wig or topper that suits their needs and preferences, no matter what they are looking for and where they are in their hair journey.

The Milano Collection Wig Matchmaker is also incredibly user-friendly. The quiz is easy to navigate, and women can take it at their own pace. The results are presented in a clear and concise manner, making it easy for women to understand which wigs or toppers are the best match for them. The results from the Wig Matchmaker can be emailed and / or texted the quiz taker, so they have a handy reference when perusing the recommended wig or topper options presented to them. The website also includes helpful videos and tutorials that show women how to properly care for and style their wigs or toppers once they have made a purchase so they can protect their hair investment and ensure that it will stay looking good throughout the life of their wig or topper.

One of the biggest benefits of the Milano Collection Wig Matchmaker is the confidence that it can give to women who are new to wearing wigs or toppers. Many women feel self-conscious or unsure about wearing a wig or topper for the first time, but the Wig Matchmaker can help to alleviate those fears. By providing women with a personalized recommendation, the Wig Matchmaker can help them to feel confident and beautiful in their new wig or topper. It's also great for experienced wig or topper wearers that want to update their look and add to, or replace their current alternative hair.

Overall, the Milano Collection Wig Matchmaker is a game-changer for women who are in the market for a wig or topper. It takes the guesswork out of shopping for these products and provides women with a personalized recommendation that they can trust. With its wide range of styles and colors, user-friendly interface, and focus on personalization, the Wig Matchmaker is sure to become a staple in the world of wigs and hair toppers.

The Wig Matchmaker quiz is not intended to replace the human interaction and wig wisdom provided by our highly trained Milano Collection wig experts who are available for complimentary in person or virtual consultations. The Wig Matchmaker Quiz is intended to supplement those consultations as well as to provide options for those women who are more comfortable in seeking recommendations on their own before speaking to an expert, or who want a "second opinion" or a reaffirmation of the choices they are considering. To book an in-person complimentary consultation at one of our Milano showrooms, located in California, New York, and Florida, visit If you are not conveniently located near any of our Milano showrooms, or prefer to receive your consultation in the comfort of your own home, you can also book a complimentary virtual consultation at