How to Add Volume to a Wig

How to Add Volume to a Wig




How To Add Wig Volume


Wondering how to fluff up a wig after it’s gotten a bit flat or matted down after repeated use? Like natural hair, wigs sometimes need a little extra TLC to achieve that va-va-va-voom factor. Whether you’re looking for a thirty-second quick fix or you’re ready to totally reinvent your style, we’ve got you covered. 


How to Add Volume to a Wig: 7 Foolproof Methods

Ready to bring your wig back to life? Check out these seven experts tips for how to gain volume in wigs


Backcombing (Teasing)

Let’s start with how to get more volume at the roots. That’s right: it’s time to bring back the ‘80s tease. Teasing, also called backcombing, is the process of combing your hair toward the scalp. You don’t need to backcomb as extensively as the ‘80 aesthetic required — using this method in moderation will do the trick. Backcombing works just as well for wigs as it does for natural hair. 

Do so in two inch sections of hair. Start from no further than four inches away from the root, placing the comb on the underside of the section so the top layer of hair remains smooth. 


Trimming or Cutting

If you want to learn how to make a wig bigger, you wouldn’t think that cutting it would be a solution. But just as with natural hair, too much length weighs down the wig, making waves and curls looser and longer. To create a tighter curl with more volume, or encourage straight hair to be more choppy, flippy, or airy, a trim or a chop will allow hair to move more freely. A professional hair stylist can also introduce layers and texture to create more volume in your wig.



Is adding volume to straight wigs possible by simply switching up your style? Absolutely! Use a hair curler (or flat iron) to create curls or waves. Human hair wigs can perfectly tolerate heated irons, curlers, and blow dryers used with heat-protectant hair products. As for how to add volume to a wig while maintaining straight hair, brush out the wig with a blow dryer. Start the brush at the base of the wig with the blow dryer positioned above it. Pro-tip: Use a hot air brush for faster results! 

After the wig is properly attached, experiment with the way you part and style it. Toss the hair over to create a side part, creating dramatic volume on one side. Keep in place with pins and hairspray. 



Want to know how to fluff a wig in under a minute? If so, hairspray is your best friend! After you tease, tousle, or style it, spray hair spray so it won’t immediately flatten. Note that dry air flattens curls and moist air frizzes hair, and high-quality hairspray is helpful in both environments. The best brands that will leave the hair soft and not crusty. To use hairspray, shake the bottle, then spray continuously about 8-12 inches away from dry hair. Make sure to use sparingly so it doesn’t create product build-up that requires you to frequently wash your wig.


Dry Shampoo

Not a fan of hair spray? Opt for dry shampoo instead but use it sparingly ! Dry shampoo is another quick trick for how to make wigs fluffy and voluminous or assist in curls holding. Like hairspray, spray the dry shampoo at arm’s length away from the base. 



Self-hold rollers add volume by creating soft, smooth curls and waves. These rollers are gentle enough to leave in the wig overnight. Depending on your needs and the volume of your wig, you can choose between a 12-piece or 18-piece set. Starting at the ends of the hair, simply roll sections of the hair up toward the wig base. If you’re just looking for a voluminous lift without the defined waves or curls, you can brush the hair out after removing the rollers. Set with hairspray to retain that gorgeous volume.


Wig Topper

To clarify, a wig topper is not a way of adding hair to a wig. Also known as a half wig or wiglet, a wig topper creates more fullness by blending with your natural hair. It boosts volume for thinning or balding hair, or any hair that needs extra body. It’s remarkable how just a little topper can change the shape of the hair, which in turn affects the shape of our face and entire aesthetic. 

Wig topper products create body, volume, and fullness with hardly any effort on your part. Plus, wig toppers feel lighter on your head compared to a full wig. To rock a wig topper, you’ll need a Milano Topgrip to keep it secure without adhesives, clips, or combs. Attach the wig topper to the topgrip , then place on your head and blend with your natural hair. (See our more in-depth instructions on how to use a hair topper.). 


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