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Create the Illusion of Fullness at your Hair Line

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About the Illusions Color Powder Spray:

Milano Wigs proudly presents Illusions Color Powder Spray— a revolutionary powder wig spray that adds the appearance of volume at the hair line and part line. This innovative spray is designed to create the illusion of more voluminous hair along the part and hairline of your wig or hair topper by seamlessly blending in the color closest to your hair color on either side of your hair line. With three shades to choose from, you can pinpoint the shade that most closely mirrors your wig for flawless blending.
By expertly spraying the color that best matches your wig or topper on both sides of the part line, Illusions conceals any transparency or thinning hair that might otherwise be noticeable. This is particularly beneficial for those wearing transparent top wigs or toppers, ensuring that the part line remains discreet — even if there's little or no hair present. Illusions allows you to craft the perfect part or front hairline, enhancing the natural look of your wig. 

Illusions also works great as a root touch-up spray on wigs, toppers or bio hair. By lightly applying the spray to the roots, you can seamlessly blend them with the rest of the hair, achieving a harmonious and polished look.

Illusions Color Powder Spray comes in three colors, Blondish, Brownish, and Blackish. The Illusions Color Powder Spray Kit also comes in the same three colors, and contains all the essential tools you need to seamlessly apply and blend the spray into your hair, scalp and roots.