Permanent Wig: How to Use Them and Why Glueless Wigs are the Better Option

Permanent Wig: How to Use Them and Why Glueless Wigs are the Better Option




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Many folks desire a full, healthy head of hair. But thinning and balding can happen for a number of reasons, either suddenly or over time. Sometimes it catches us by surprise. For this situation, permanent wig hair may seem like the ideal solution. But do permanent hair wigs even exist? And if not, what are the best ways to attach a wig securely? 

What is a Permanent Wig?

Technically speaking, any wig advertised as “permanent” is misleading. There are surgical hair procedures to regrow hair, referred to as a permanent hair system. These are often painful, expensive procedures with long recovery times. They can be a lasting solution, but permanence is tough to guarantee. Furthermore, attaching a wig permanently to your head is a health risk. 

The best wig adhesives (glue or tape) last up to six weeks, but even a semi permanent hair piece should be removed and cleaned often. Wig glue is powerful stuff: it goes on your forehead just before your hairline begins. Common practice is to wipe the skin with alcohol first. Doing so removes oil from the skin. 

But repeated use of glue containing potentially hazardous chemicals, plus the alcohol wipes can cause skin discoloration, irritation, and hair loss if it gets into the hairline. The glue can cause discomfort and breakouts, but worst of all, severe allergic reactions. 

(Note: If you must use wig glue, it’s imperative to test it first by spotting it on your forearm. Testing it out in a small dosage will ensure it won’t cause serious side effects, such as anaphylaxis, when applying it in larger quantities.) 

The good news is, there are other ways to keep a wig on!

Why Glueless Wigs are Best

Though it’s not intended to be a permanent wig, a glueless wig is incredibly sturdy while looking totally natural. A glueless wig is pretty straightforward: it is a wig that attaches to the head without using glue as an adhesive. These attachments may use bands, combs, clips, grips, and caps. Glueless wigs create a smooth, comfortable look that doesn’t pull on your natural hair or stress out your scalp. Wear them all day with no headaches or irritation.

Like permanent wigs for alopecia, people can wear glueless wigs for medical, religious, or aesthetic purposes. Glueless wigs are gentle on the scalp, unlike a semi-permanent wig attachment that uses adhesives that are notoriously hard on the skin. They can be worn comfortably for hours with no need to adjust. 

Brief overnight removal of a glueless wig gives your scalp a chance to breathe. Plus, it keeps your head and wig sanitary. It’s advised to wash human hair wigs weekly, depending on activity levels. 

How to Wear a Glueless Wig

To install a glueless wig, first make sure your real hair is clean, dry, and oil-free. Then, tie your real hair back and away from your face. Next, put on your glueless attachment, such as a band, cap, or grip from Milano’s GripLine Collection. Your wig, topper, or wiglet will clip into the attachment instead of your hair, eliminating tension in your hair follicles and protecting your scalp from stress. 

Once your wig is secured to the glueless attachment, make any minor adjustments to ensure it is straight and snug. Unlike a permanent hair piece, you have the freedom to style your wig. Play around with your part. Braid it or add accessories if you’d like. If you want to use a hair straightener or curling iron, remember to use a heat protectant product to shield a human hair wig from heat damage.

It is recommended to remove human hair wigs for sleeping. Doing so maintains wig quality by reducing the knots and tangles that tend to form after tossing and turning at night. To remove a glueless wig, unfasten it from your chosen attachment. Remove the wig, then gently remove the attachment. Brush through your natural hair. If you have time, treat yourself by gently massaging your scalp with your fingers. 

Wash and condition your wig regularly with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Soak your wig in shampoo mixed with water. Then, use a wig comb to brush through it. Rinse with lukewarm water. Brush gently until it is tangle-free, then air dry. For special care beyond regular maintenance, consult your wig provider.

Want to take a break from your wig? The best way to store wigs is on a mannequin head. But if you don’t have one around the house, just be sure to keep your wig away from dust, unruly pets, and overly curious kids! 

Milano’s Glueless Wigs

Milano’s offerings will feel like permanent human hair wigs because of their premium quality and comfort. The trick to keeping the quality is gentle care and regular maintenance. 

Milano’s GripLine Collection has you covered. All wigs and attachments provide complete coverage not only without adhesives but also without additional clips or combs that pull at your hair! So what are the differences between these glueless attachments? 

GripCaps are one-size-fits-all caps made of bamboo cotton. They are lightweight, soft, and adjustable. Absorbent and no-slip, these snugly fitting caps are completely unnoticeable. The GripCap includes the WiGrip elastic band that fits around the halo of the head to secure any wig. 

Rain, running, and sudden movements are no match for the GripCap. No hair pulling, irritating tape, or tension headaches because it’s designed for all-over comfort. The WiGrip comfort band on its own secures transparent top wigs seamlessly. 

TopGrips secure wigs, toppers and wiglets. No-slip and secure, these thin and absorbent bands include a thin, clear, adjustable strap that rests out of sight behind the ears. It encircles the head, securing a the wig or topper at the front of the head. Once the strap is on, secure the topper or wig by clipping it through the TopGrip’s ribbon loops. The topper or wig clips into the TopGrip band, not onto your hair.


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