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What are Wig Bands?

A wig band (or wig grip cap) is a headband that allows you to wear a wig or frontal without using clips, pins, adhesives, and combs and have it lay incredibly flat for a natural look. The purpose of a wig band is to give you a more comfortable fit and feel while wearing a wig. You can find different wig gripper headbands designed for various wigs and toppers.

At Milano, our lace wig grip headband has lace features in the front and along your part hairline. This feature creates a seamless look and is designed for transparent top wigs.

We also offer the Milano Collection No-Slip Grip Cap for Women, designed for comfort. If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all solution, this is a must!

Alternatively, if you’re looking for the perfect product for your hair topper, our TopGrip is excellent for keeping it in place all day long.

When to Use a Wig Band

One of the most common ways to keep a wig in place is by using a wig grip band. It's great for women with or without hair because it's effortless to wear and doesn’t require additional tools or products. It can also be used in place of clips, combs, and adhesives, providing another option to secure your wig while protecting your scalp. Here are several more reasons why you should consider a wig band:

If you want your wig to stay put, a wig grip is hassle-free and convenient, allowing you to take your wig off during the day when you need to cool down.
A wig gripper is helpful for women who want to regrow hair because it won't pull out follicles when you remove it. Wig grips help alleviate tension, which may reduce pain or headaches caused by most hair systems.

How to Use a Wig Band

Using a thin wig grip with your wig will help it look natural and comfortable. Thankfully putting on a wig band is straightforward:


If you have hair, you want to secure it in the back as low as possible in a ponytail so the wig can lay flat.


Place the wig band around your head and behind your ears. Whether or not you place it above or below the ponytail depends on preference.

Note that with a lace wig grip, you want the lace divider to be positioned along the parts, depending on where you place your wig or frontal. You will also want to put the wig grip slightly forward of the hairline and pull it back to ensure that no natural baby hairs slip from under the lace. Once all of the hair is hidden, velcro the lace wig grip to the head.


Once the lace wig band is positioned correctly, place your wig on your head. Place it behind the natural hairline, giving just enough space for a comfortable, snug fit for your wig. Finally, tuck the ponytail as low as possible into the cap.

With an adjustable wig band that grips your wig, it can provide you no-slip all-day security and comfort as you enjoy your day.

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