Milano’s Summer Must Have Ponytail Wigs

Milano’s Summer Must Have Ponytail Wigs


Milano Collection specializes in a variety of premium natural looking human hair wigs. Our real hair wigs are created to cater to everyone’s needs and wants, with the utmost comfort and security. This is why we designed our best selling customizable ponytail wig. A natural, low density wig you can wear up or down. It is the perfect option for an everyday lightweight style.

Our ponytail wigs are available in 22” and 26” length of straight or wavy. The best part about or ponytail wigs? The custom designed cap allows the ability to wear the wig up or down with a natural hairline. Perfect for the summertime and everything else in between.

The ear tabs and nape pieces are hand tied to allow a more natural look. There is a 2 ½ x 4” middle ksin part to mimic a natural scalp. Milano’s Ponytail wig is available in 2 lengths and many cap options.

Lightweight and comfortable: The Milano Ponytail wig is extremely lightweight and low in density, making it extremely comfortable and versatile. The Ponytail wig is ideal for those looking to have a wig that gives them the flexibility to wear the hair up or down as desired.

Extra Under Ventilation: Milano is on the cutting edge when it comes to a natural looking wig. Each Ponytail wig has a hand tied customized area by the neck and ears to assure the most natural appearance when worn up.

Value: Milano cares about you and your budget. All Milano products are of the highest quality made of real European human hair wigs at affordable prices.

Variety of Colors: Milano Ponytail wigs are manufactured with some of the finest hair in the world and offered in a large variety of colors. Milano can help you find your ideal color, or you can have your Ponytail wig custom colored to create a unique, one-of-a kind look.