Finding The Right Wig Style For Your Face Shape

Finding The Right Wig Style For Your Face Shape

Here at Milano, we strive to make all women look and feel beautiful in their human hair wig. It starts by understanding the ideal human hair wig style that compliments your face shape. There are two factors that must be considered when deciding on the perfect wig for your face:


The proper color is really important for finding a wig that will suit your face shape. A correct colored human hair wig can give you an added dimension that will make your face pop with color and a radiant glow.

Cut & Style

The cut on your wig is just as important because it can either accentuate or emphasis features on your face. It is important to study your shape face before choosing wig services. Make sure the professional cut you are requesting compliments your face shape and fixes what you are trying to conceal from your face’s structure.

So many women do not get their human hair wig with consideration of their unique face shape. This is essential for feeling confident and beautiful in your human hair wig and bringing out the ultimate you. Milano has compiled a list of face shapes and explains what color, cut, and style looks best for each type.


A heart-shaped face comes with a killer set of cheekbones and tapered jawline. The widest part of the heart face is the forehead and cheeks and the jaw tapers off into a defined chin. When choosing a wig style for a heart-shaped face you want to strike a balance by narrowing the widest point of your face. This can help to soften the jawline and accentuates the cheekbones. 

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Milano’s team of expert wig stylists suggest cutting sweeping layers to help create that balance as well as side-swept bangs narrow the width of the forehead and widen the jawline. Waves and texture help soften the look. 


Milano’s team of expert wig stylists suggest you try a LOB- a long bob.

Lobs are great for any heart-shaped face because they take the focus off the jawline and elongate the face, creating balance. Side parts also work well by adding softness and drawing emphasis away from any disproportion. A middle part and straight hair skim the widest part of a heart-shaped face helping it look narrower. Long layers balance out the features by hitting way below the widest part and closer to the jawline. A collarbone length help draws the focus down. 


For heart-shaped face can rock many complementary cuts but always remember to try to balance the widest area of the forehead with the narrowness of your chin. By creating this balance you will create a complimentary flattering look that is soft and feminine.


A square-shaped face is when your face makes a “squared shape”.  The forehead and jawline are around the same width. There are hairstyles for your human hair wig that can flatter and soften this look to create more angles to the face.



Milano’s team of expert wig stylists suggest cutting side-swept bangs to help create that balance the squared-off facial features and add softer angles. They can draw the eye inward and break up the square angles to create a rounder effect.


Milano’s team of master wig stylists suggest you try a Sleek Graduated Long Layer Look.

This look has shorter face-framing layers that graduate into longer layers. The layers accentuate cheekbones and flow over the corners of your face without adding width.  Finish this long layered look off with a sleek, straight finish to help cover the squareness with a slimming look. An off- the center part will also highlight angles in your face and add softness. It is best to have the layers start around your lips or cheekbones.



Oval faces have it easy in the eyes of a Milano master wig stylist. An oval-face offers perfect symmetry with a 3:2 length to width ratio. Most wig cuts are going to flatter an oval shape since it begins with a perfect balance.  Wig wearers can choose to go classic, bold or chic with their wig services.


Milano’s team of expert wig stylists suggest cutting a full fringe of bangs because you can easily rock this fun look. We also suggest a super deep side part or face-framing layers accentuate your symmetrical facial structure.  


Milano’s team of master wig stylists suggest lobs and bobs for your face shape.

Bob-  This chin grazing length looks great on you because it skims the widest part of your face and makes your cheekbones pop.

Bardot-Inspired Lob- The Lob is perfect because it frames the face with a subtle fringe and adds cheek grazing layers to keep your heart-shaped face in balance. 


A round face typically aims to conceal the roundness and create the illusion of angles with their human hair wig. You know you have a round face when you have no sharp angles and your forehead, cheekbone and jawline are almost the same widths. Your goal should be to add length to your face to create an elongated look. Here are some flattering hairstyles to keep in mind.


Milano’s team of expert wig stylists suggest cutting a long layered cut with the option to add height because you it will accentuate the illusion of a more angular profile and draw attention away from your round facial structure.


Milano’s team of master wig stylists suggest long layered looks for your face shape.

Long Layered wig looks will draw the eye downward and makes your round face appear longer and more angular.  If going for a curly look go for loose curls because tight curls will add to the roundness. When cutting a short style always add volume by the crown to make your face appear longer. 

There are many hairstyles that complement round face but to get the most flattering look to avoid chin-length haircuts with rounded edges and choose a hairstyle that will add height elongate your face.


For round-shaped faces, we recommend avoiding wearing your hair back or cutting a straight cut bang on your wig. A side bang will add angles and make your face look thinner instead. By creating this balance you will create a complimentary flattering look that is soft and feminine.

What face shape do you have? Whatever your face shape, Milano has the perfect wig color and wig cut services to help you achieve a more confident, beautiful you.