Jump Right Back Into Fall Looks With Awesome Wigs!

Jump Right Back Into Fall Looks With Awesome Wigs!


The simplest approach to refresh your look this fall is to change up your wig or topper to achieve a new hairstyle. The best method to select a new color or cut is to try on multiple wigs and choose the best one that gets you that breakthrough hair makeover. Sure, you might still be the same old you, but every once in a while, you just need a little "vibe" change, like a fresh look via a wig change with some shags and bangs, a cute new makeup look to bring out that fabulous hair makeover. 

To start reinventing your look this fall season, here are some of the cutest hair trends that can assist you in making your very crucial hairstyle decision.



This fall, hair trends such as dressed-up ponytails and bangs, do well for a quick makeover while bangs that are allowed to grow a little are definitely in.  

Show a lot of red like copper and strawberry, and blonde, or bright platinum hair colors, which are more likely to attract attention this fall season. Complement your hair color with curtain bangs and bouncy blowouts ala 1990s and buckle up for a smorgasbord of style options.



Various copper hair colors are really in right now and the nicest part about red is that there is a special tint for the fall season– go for strawberry red instead of deep auburn. Our Wig Specialists forecast platinum blonde to be in style worldwide thanks to Gigi Hadid. Bolder and more solid blondes tend to be brighter but platinum blonde isn't exactly a low-maintenance shade. It’s best to keep a supply of purple shampoo on hand to balance brassiness if needed.



Another style for Fall, or any season, is Ponytails.  Ponytails can be dressed up to look effortless. To achieve a super-straight ponytail look, prime your wig with a hair straightening lotion before using a flatiron and get that ‘red carpet’ appearance.  Milanos’ Volumizing & Smoothing Hot Air Brush is also ideal for smoothing and adding a finishing touch to your wig. 



For brunettes, a sun-kissed balayage should be a hit for the fall season. Go for a rooty, blended balayage from our Wig Specialists so you can touch it up if you want. Another fall hit is the ‘pixie cut’, which is popular throughout the year, but do know that it's not a wig trend for ladies who are afraid of commitment or large changes. Get strawberry highlights for a subtle change.



For more modern haircuts, try out charming curly shag wigs that work for various hair types and look incredibly attractive. The secret to the ideal contemporary shag is to add volume and jagged texture, which our WIg Specialists can help you with.

Lastly, bangs will always give you a more sophisticated appearance. If you choose to go for wigs with bangs and want to be even more daring, try a heavier, straight across, blunt bang.



Each season, more women wear wigs or other hair extensions to change their looks. Changing hairstyles via your wig is easier and allows you commitment-free to achieve your desired look for this fall.



Consult our Wig Specialists via a free virtual consultation and check out our wig selection to get that perfect fall look!