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 Toppers by Milano Collection

Shop our best selling human hair toppers available in a full range of colors and lengths.

Milano Collection offers a wide range of human hair toppers designed to satisfy every need.

Milano Collection Toppers are intended to provide additional volume and fullness. They can be clipped into your hair for a seamless, natural look. Milano Toppers are ideal for any women that has thinning hair or just wants additional volume and fullness. Milano Toppers are designed to be blended with your natural hair, so they are not ideal for those who are bald.

The Milano Topper Collection includes a wide array of styles, sizes, color and lengths, as well as types of construction. Milano Toppers come in European Virgin Hair, Processed Euro Hair, and Premium Processed Hair. All three are of made of high quality human hair, but European virgin hair has had no chemical processing and is the original color of the hair. It is considered the best hair available due to its texture and feel. It can also be highlighted and dyed very easily as you would dye or highlight hair on a head. Processed European Hair is made from thin European texture but has been gently colored in the factory to achieve the desired tones and shades. Its texture and feel is similar to Virgin European Hair but it's available with a variety of ashy tones and highlights. Processed Euro Hair is available for the Divine Topper (and Wig) Collection. Last, Premium Processed Hair has been color treated in our factory.

Milano Toppers are available in monofilament tops, silk tops and lace tops. Each provides advantages depending on your lifestyle and preferences, and all have been created by Milano to be lightweight, comfortable, secure and natural looking. The Emerald Topper and the Onyx Topper both have silk tops, also known as skin tops, which are durable, and they both have lace fronts to ensure a seamless and natural looking hair line.

For those who prefer a lace top topper, Milano has the Topaz Topper, the Divine Topper, and the Divine Luxe Topper, with the latter being made of Virgin European hair. We also offer the U-Shaped Topper which has a unique U Shape cutout that allows your natural bio hair to blend easily and is an ideal option for those who want volume and fullness and are tired of the hassles of wearing extensions.

The base sizes of the Toppers are also well represented with a variety of options. If you're looking for a large amount of coverage for your Topper, then the Divine Topper, Divine Luxe Topper, or the Onyx Topper have the largest base sizes, and may be ideal for you. If you are seeking a medium amount of coverage, the Emerald Topper and the Topaz Topper offer two base sizes - a 5 by 6 base size and a 7 by 8 base size. And, for those seeking a small amount of coverage, the Diamond Topper, which has a monofilament base which is highly durable, comes in our small base size - 3 by 5.

The Milano Toppers area available in various lengths, from 14-16 inches for our short toppers, to 18 to 20" for our mid length toppers, and 24 inches for our longest length toppers. Not every topper style is available in these lengths, so it's important to search on the website and select from either the style or the length or color you are seeking for your Topper, and view the options available to you.

We also have a large variety of colors to choose from including Natural Black, Soft Black, Dark Brown, Auburn, Dark Brown Balayage, Medium Brown Babylight, Medium Brown Balayage, Copper, Light Brown Babylight, Medium Blonde, Strawberry Blonde, Golden Blonde, Ash Blonde, and Platinum Blonde for our Premium Processed Toppers; Neutral Black, Soft Black with Highlights, Dark Brown with Highlights, Medium Brown with Highlights, Medium Blonde with Highlights, and Ashy Blonde with Highlights; and our Virgin European Collection which has colors ranging from Black to Dark Brown, Medium, Brown, Light Brown, and Blonde. Color services performed by our expert team of wig hair stylists may also be added to your topper as well, for an additional cost, and depending on the topper color, hair type, and desired services. If in doubt, you can consult with one of our wig hairstylists to find out what options are available for the topper you have selected.

Once you have selected your ideal topper, we recommend our patented TopGrip, as an ideal way to gluelessly secure your topper to your head in a secure, comfortable and undetectable way. It's available in three sizes - small, medium, large, as well as in a Lace version for Lace Top Toppers, such as the Divine Topper, Divine Luxe Topper, and Topaz Topper Collections.