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Milano Collection offers a wide variety of wigs in short lengths. Each short wig is uniquely designed with you in mind so you can have the most natural looking hair available. We offer personal customizations in every length, hair color, and style with both French silk top and lace top construction options. Each provides advantages depending on your lifestyle and preferences, and all have been created by Milano to be lightweight, comfortable, secure and natural looking. We make it our mission to help you experience your dream hair.

Our short wigs are a great lightweight alternative hair option that is ideal for summer or anytime. Our wide assortment of short, chic and contemporary wig and topper styles range in length from 9 inches to 16 inches. You can also personalize your Milano wig or topper further by opting for a cut or trim when you purchase your alternative hair. We have bobs, pixie cuts, and many other options available for you. All of our wigs , including short lengths, come with style options so you can choose to hair your alternative hair styled in a variety of ways, including beachy waves, straight, or air dried.

You can also select your short wig made from Virgin European Hair, Processed Euro Hair or Premium Processed Hair. All three hair types are of made of high quality human hair, but European virgin hair has had no chemical processing and is the original color of the hair. It is considered the best hair available due to its texture and feel. It can also be highlghted and dyed very easily as you would dy e or highlihgt hair on a head. TProcessed European Hair is made from thin European texture but has been gently colored in teh factory to achieve hte desired tones and shades. Its texture and feel is similar to Virgin European Hair but it's available with a variety of ashy tones and highlights. Processed Euro Hair is available for the Divine Wig Collection. Last, Premium Processed Hair has been color treated in our factory.

We also offer a variety of colors to choose from for your short wigs. For an additional cost, you can also choose to personalize your Milano short wig further, by opting for a color service when you purchase, which will be performed by one of Milano's expert hair stylists who specialize in wig services.

Once you have selected your ideal Milano short wig, be sure to select a wig secure method from our best selling line of Gripline products, all created to securely, comfortably, and discreetly keep your wig in place. The WiGrip Original Comfort Band is ideal for silk tops and nontransparent tops, while the patented Lace WiGrip is perfect for lace top wigs.

Milano Collection was established in 2003 and we take pride in creating the most comfortable and fashionable human hair around the globe. Our mission is to combine premium quality wigs, cutting edge fashion, and common sense value. Each Milano Collection wig and topper is designed with the latest in contemporary fashion, and hand sewed with meticulous detail to ensure that you have the ultimate in glamour, security and comfort with your alternative hair selection. Milano Collection has a variety of wigs and toppers suitable for a variety of lifestyles, looks and desires. We have created these alternative hair options to provide you with the best hair for the best you, recognizing that everyone has a different hair journey, and different hair needs based on a variety of factors. If you need help deciding which wig or topper is best suited to you, please visit one of our showrooms - conveniently located in California, New York and Florida. Check out our locations at If our showroom locations are not near you, you can also book a complimentary virtual consultation with one of our experienced wig experts, at If you aren't ready for a consultation, but want to receive a recommendation for the best wig or topper that is ideal for you, you can also take our Milano Collection Wig Matchmaker quiz, designed to give you a selection of the best alternative hair choices for your needs. It takes less than a minute, and has been carefully designed by our highly experienced wig experts to identify the best options based on your answers to a few questions. You can find our wig quiz at If you're still not sure about which wig or topper to select, check out the wide array of options we have for your alternative hair needs at We have thousands of wigs and toppers for you to select from, and you can also personalize them further with cuts, color and styling services to meet your specific hair needs.