Wig Trend Report: Lace Top Wigs – The DIVINE Wig

Wig Trend Report: Lace Top Wigs – The DIVINE Wig

May 29, 2019

Lace Top Wigs

For those seeking a natural looking wig, Milano Collections has created the ultimate style just for you! Our revolutionary Divine Wig collection features a range of natural, durable lace top human hair wigs that come in lengths of long, medium, and short, to suit everyone’s needs. The buzz of 2019 is lace wigs. Lace Wigs is what Hollywood is wearing and is what creates the most natural look. The front and hair part are so natural it’s hard to believe it’s a wig!

Milano spent 2 years researching and developing a lace featured wig that gives you the most natural look but with more durability than most lace wigs available. We understand the daily wear and tear so we wanted to create the best solution. Our Divine Wigs are so lightweight, they naturally fall against one’s head shape without creating unwanted bulkiness and shaping at the crown of the head.

The Divine Wig is the perfect solution for an incredibly natural wig that is both durable and comfortable, allowing you to wear your hair as flat or voluminous as possible. The lace features are reinforced to stand the test of daily wear. The cap was constructed to remove pressure points on the head for a more comfortable fit.

Yes, the Divine wig allows many possibilities, created with natural density that mimics real human hair density. These versatile human hair wigs also are able to be styled with height and volume or sleek and straight. For height and volume, it is recommended to add additional layering on top and curl. A flat iron can do the trick for flat and sleek.