Get Expert Hair and Style Advice Straight From Milano’s Wig Specialists

Get Expert Hair and Style Advice Straight From Milano’s Wig Specialists
Get Expert Hair and Style Advice Straight From Milano’s Wig Specialists

Shopping for your wig or topper can be an exhilarating experience.  There are an unlimited number of choices available to you.  Understanding the differences between wigs and toppers, and the many different styles, colors, lengths, and features available for each can be very eye-opening. 

That’s why having a wig specialist to help guide the process and make recommendations based on lifestyle, preferences, and a variety of other factors is extremely beneficial.  Expert wig specialists are also on top of the  latest trends, and they are trained to be sensitive to the needs of every client regardless of their hair journey.  That includes those suffering from hair loss or alopecia, as well as those who wear wigs for religious reasons, and those who just want to change up their look with the help of a wig or topper. 

Providing highly personalized customer service and expert care is what sets Milano Collection’s wig and topper shopping experience apart from the rest. Whether you prefer to shop online or in-store, Milano’s Wig Specialists provide customized in-person service for your wig needs and concerns.    

Virtual Consultations and In-Person Consultations

Via virtual consultations, you can check in on what wigs and toppers pieces are available and what can work best for you, all in the comfort of your own home via video call, phone, chat, or email, and you can also visit a Milano showroom for in-person guidance. Our Wig Specialists make your wig purchases easier by letting you choose from a range of styles, colors, lengths, and caps while also offering guidance to whatever you need from securing medical insurance coverage for your wig or topper,  if you qualify,  to the latest hair trend advice.

Learn how you can get the most out of your Milano virtual experience according to your needs below:

Hair loss consultation

If you are suffering from alopecia or hair loss and need expert advice on which wig pieces suit you best or how you can get your purchases covered by your medical insurance, Milano’s Wig Specialists can help you go through available alternatives which include cap solutions and wig securing methods to give you that natural, seamless look. 

Milano Wig Specialists can also share with you the steps needed to find out if your insurance company provides medical coverage for your wig, once you submit your prescription. Issued receipts will automatically indicate your Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPSC) code and Milano’s tax ID number for more convenient reimbursement processing.

Best of all, Milano Wig Specialists are sensitive to your needs, and can give you expert, one-on-one advice, whether in the privacy of your home via a virtual consultation or in person, in our Showrooms.     

Religious Consultation

For some clients, wearing wigs is essential. Milano Wig Specialists understand that, and are able to offer choices via virtual consultations or in-person that allow you to comfortably cover your hair on a daily basis for extended periods.  They have an assortment of alternative hair options and accessories that will keep your wigs securely on, and that look natural and seamless for every occasion.

Fashionista Consultation

Of course, keeping up with the latest hair trends is important for every Milano Wig Specialist. For models, social media influencers, and celebrities or anyone who wants to stay on trend and look great,  Milano Wig Specialists .  They’ll update you on the latest trends, recommend which styles and features are best suited for you, and give you an array of options to choose from. You can try on wigs or toppers in person in one of the Milano Showrooms, or view your hair choices via virtual consultation.  

With a wide array of wigs and toppers that are all made from premium human hair, Milano’s clients can opt to change styles, lengths, and colors to complement their ensembles. 

No matter what the reason why you’re shopping for a wig or topper, Milano Wig Specialists are here to help.  Book a free virtual consultation now and get customized services to achieve that natural look you’re going for!