Get Instantly Fuller Volume Effortlessly With Milano's U-Shape Wig and Toppers

Get Instantly Fuller Volume Effortlessly With Milano's U-Shape Wig and Toppers



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Get Instantly Fuller Volume Effortlessly With Milano's U-Shape Wig and Toppers

As 2021 ushers in a somewhat unique summer with brick and mortar stores and live venues slowly opening up, achieving the perfect hairstyle is more important than ever.  If you’re not ready for a full-time commitment with your hair length, style and color, wigs may be the perfect solution and the easiest way to achieve your dream hairstyle and slide into summer seamlessly.   

Instant Volume and Fullness with U-Shape Wigs and Toppers

No matter what the season, instantly fuller volume is always in style.  U-Shape wigs and toppers, like those from Milano Collection, blend seamlessly with your natural hair to transition from thin and flat to ooh la la volume in the blink of an eye. They’re a great glue-less alternative to hair extensions for added length and fullness without the commitment. 


U-Shape wigs and toppers are made out of real human hair and blend well with your front hairline to allow you to part your piece whichever way you prefer. You can wear them in three easy steps: (1) section out a part of your natural hair and part it according to your preference; (2) clip the U-Shape wig or topper around the part; and (3) adjust it so that it looks natural and blends seamlessly with your natural hair. 

Awesome hairstyles with U-Shape Wigs

Here are some hairstyles for summer that you can easily achieve with U-Shape wigs and toppers:

Volume Bangs

Bangs are a great way to change up your look for the summer season.  If you’re not ready for the commitment of bangs, try U-Clip-On bangs to give you instant va-va-voom bangs for that perfect summer look!   You can instantly wear U-Clip-On bangs and blend them with your wigs or natural hair for either full or wispy shaggy bangs. These are your best alternative to getting bangs with glamorous volume and letting you change up your looks with ease.
You can also achieve long, face-framing fringe bangs that you can separate in the middle the way Dakota Johnson does. The best thing about wearing U-Clip-On bangs is that you not only get to choose 50 shades of grey but can actually go with any color you desire.

Dakota Johnson

Long Side-Parted Feather Cut

If you want to keep it simple, U-shaped wigs and toppers with lace front wigs can help you achieve a long side-parted feather cut with chin-length U-Clip-On bangs that won’t dust your eyebrows. 
Celebrities like Rachel McAdams rock this look which is perfect for long-shaped faces as feathered trims highlight stunning features.

Rachel McAdams

 90’s Layered

 Closed-wefted U-shaped Wigs and Toppers are perfect if you are going for those 90’s-inspired hairstyles with fuller layers on either straight or curly locks. Get effortlessly fuller volume as worn by the likes of Kim Kardashian in various lengths and colors easily and exude glamour and class wherever you go.

Kim Kardashian

 More length with bangs

 TikTok’s sad ‘Bayang’ challenge is long gone and more women are now redeeming themselves with the return of stylish bangs combined with various hair lengths for sleeker casual looks.   

Think ‘Tay Tay’ with her shoulder-length locks and eye-brow grazing bangs to get a good picture. Perfectly achieve this hairstyle and more versions of it with both U-Shape wigs and toppers and clip-on bangs that blend well together with your natural hair. 


Taylor Swift

There’s nothing wrong with wearing multiple layers as long as they are lightweight and don’t add stress on your head or irritate your scalp but be sure to choose the right pieces that are made out of human hair if you are going for this pretty complex look.

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