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TopGrip Wig Grip Comfort Band by Milano


TopGrip Comfort Band by Milano is the newest addition to the revolutionary Wig Grip  Line of wig accessories by Milano. Milano patent pending TopGrip Wig Grip Comfort Band is uniquely designed to eliminate or reduce the use of clips, combs , and adhesives and secure your topper or wig comfortably.

The TopGrip Wig Grip Comfort Band by Milano is available in 3 designs to assist all topper or wig wearers with a comfortable secure method and avoiding slippage. The TopGrip is compatible with all human hair or synthetic toppers and wigs. Each design is uniquely crafted for the type of wig or topper you are wearing. The adjustable translucent  strap in the back avoids bulk by the nape and is undetectable when worn with a topper.


When the TopGrip Wig Grip Comfort Band is worn with a topper or wiglet it is recommended to secure the topper in the front and sides to the TopGrip.