How To Choose Your Wig

Here’s what you need to know to choose the ideal short or long wig that suits your style.

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What Type of Hair Am I looking For?What Type of Hair Am I looking For?

What Type of Hair Am I looking For?

Milano has three types of hair:  natural virgin hair, Euro processed hair, and premium processed hair.


  • Virgin hair means that it is has not been processed and is the original color.
  • Virgin European hair is the best hair available due to its texture feel and look.
  • It can also be highlighted and dyed very easily as you would dye or highlight hair on a head.
  • The color also lasts much longer and will not fade or oxidize as quickly as processed hair. 
  • With time it may get lighter in the sun like natural hair on a head.
  • Like all natural hair to get the best results it must be styled after washing.
  • Due to the nature of virgin hair the color selection is limited and may require additional color services.


  • Euro processed hair is made from thin European texture but it has been gently colored.
  • Its texture and feel is similar to Virgin European hair, but it is available with a variety of ashy tones and highlights.
  • The hair can be toned or rooted darker but it is not recommended to lighten the hair since it has been previously colored.


  • Premium processed hair is good quality human hair that has been colored to achieve the desired color.
  • Because it is not the original natural color it may fade quicker.
  • The hair tends to be straighter but will hold a curl very nicely when styled.
  • It is a more affordable option since the hair does cost less and there is a wider range of a colors available to choose from because it is dyed.
  • *Premium Processed hair has been precolored and does have some limitations when adding customized color services.
What Color am I looking for?What Color am I looking for?

What Color am I looking for?

There is a wider selection of processed colors.

Virgin colors may require a custom color service to achieve the desired look.

Please see the variety of colors we offer.

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What Length Am I Looking for?What Length Am I Looking for?

What Length Am I Looking for?

Milano has a variety of styles in different lengths.

Milano measures the length of a wig from the crown of the head to the bottom of the longest layer.

Browse our gallery of short, medium and long styles to find the length that’s right for you.

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What Cap Type Am I Looking For?What Cap Type Am I Looking For?

What Cap Type Am I Looking For?

Milano offers a variety of cap enhancements to help you achieve the perfect fit and feel:

Open Wefted

Closed Wefted

Hand Tied




Learn More About Cap Enhancements Here
Adding More Color?Adding More Color?

Adding More Color?

Milano offers a variety of custom color services to achieve the personalized look you were always dreaming of.

Milano has a team of trained colorists to work for you.

Each wig offers an option for a custom color service.

Once an order is placed a Milano representative will contact you for a consultation so we can better understand your personalized look.