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Alterations Services

Milano Collection is one of the foremost leaders in the wig and wig accessory industry, and since 2003 we have been catering to the needs of wig wearing women around the globe. One of the most unique aspects of what Milano Collection has to offer is the ability to personalize your wig or topper to your needs. We know that each person has a unique hair journey, and we do our best to meet each client's specific hair needs, based on lifestyle, preferences, and other factors. Beyond consulting with you to provide advice and help you choose your dream hair, which can be done in person at any of our showroom locations, or virtually if you prefer the convenience of your own home, we have a team of expert wig hair stylists and wig seamstresses at each of our showroom locations, we also have a highly skilled team of seamstresses who can perform a variety of services to personalize your alternative hair choice to your needs. There are so many ways you can personalize your wig or topper through the help of our seamstresses. In case you're wondering what types of alterations you can choose from, here's a few to help guide you.

Wig Cap Sizes

One of the important choices in your wig or topper selection is choosing the correct cap size. At Milano we know that one wig cap size doesn't fit all. That's why we offer a variety of cap sizes for you to choose from. Our expert alterations specialists on site in each of our showrooms to be able to customize cap sizes to your specifications. To ensure the best fit, you should measure your head circumference, and also measure from forehead to nape. These are the two most critical measurements in ensuring that your wig cap fits comfortably and is sized properly to your head. You can refer to the size chart we've provided to make it easy for you to identify the cap size that best fits your measurements. These services include adjusting cap sizes, to be smaller or larger to fit your head optimally. To ensure the best fit, you should measure your head circumference, and also measure from forehead to nape. Then refer to the size chart we've provided to make it easy for you to identify the cap size that best fits your measurements. Or, if you prefer, you can get help with the proper head measurements at one of our showrooms located in California, New York and Florida.

Cap Construction

When choosing a wig or topper, it's important to consider what type of cap construction is most ideal for your lifestyle and needs. Milano Wigs come in a variety of cap types, all designed to provide beautiful, natural looking and comfortable human hair wigs and toppers. Milano wig caps are available in close wefted, open wefted, and hand tied options. In addition, you can choose from lace top or skin top caps, also known as French top or silk top caps. If you need help, please book a complimentary virtual or in person consultation so we can help you choose the right cap for your needs.

Lace Top and Lace Front Wig Repairs and Replacements

If you choose a Milano lace top wig or topper, our seamstresses can repair or replace the lace if it tears on the top or on the front. Lace is highly natural looking and lightweight, but can sometimes tear or stretch if it is not handled properly. They can also tighten the lace if needed, for your Milano wig or topper. And, they can extend lace in front to customize the front hairline for your alternative hair to ensure it looks seamless at the front hairline. Zig zag lace fronts are a uniquely designed front hairline that utilizes a half inch of Swiss lace at the front hairline cut into a customized zig zag pattern for an extremely natural look (since a too perfect hairline or part can look "wiggy." This is available in all cap constructions and can be added or replaced on Milano wigs and toppers.

Wig Linings and Clips & Combs

Our seamstresses can also add or replace wig linings. We have a patentned Freedom Lining whihs is a lining inside of the cap that secures any wig in place without the use of clips or combs. It's recommended for full or partial hair loss clients.

If you have full hair loss, our seamstresses can add a silicone lining inside the cap which again secures any wig in place to the scalp comfortably and without the use of clips or combs. If you have full hair loss and use adhesives for your wig or topper, our wig seamstresses can also add a PU Lining which protects any wig with PU tabs to adhere to double sided tape or adhesives.

Although our WiGrip eliminates the need to use clips and combs to secure your wig or topper, if you still prefer to use those, our seamstresses can move or replace them for you.

Ear Tabs, Addition or Removal of Hair and Transitions

Milano's team of skilled seamstresses can also add or remove ear tabs, and add or remove hair, also known as ventilation. They can also pluck the front hairline, or fix the transition from a skin top to a lace front.

At Milano Collection, we strive to help you achieve your perfect hair with our team of wig alterations specialists.