Milano Collection’s Best-Selling Lace Wigs and Lace Accessories

Milano Collection’s Best-Selling Lace Wigs and Lace Accessories


Milano Collection’s Best-Selling Lace Wigs and Lace Accessories

No matter what your reason is for wearing a lace human hair wig, there are a few basic commonalities that all lace wig-wearers have in common. You want a wig that looks amazing, is undetectable and comfortable. Most of all you want to ensure your lace wig is totally and completely secure – no matter what your lifestyle is like.

At Milano Collection our team of wig experts understand what our customers want and need to look great and feel beautiful in their lace human hair wigs. That’s why we have worked to create our line of products, including Lace Wig Grips, on which we know our customers can depend. 

For those familiar with wigs and how to wear them, the term “lace” refers to the fine, sheer, gossamer mesh to which individual hairs are tied. If your wig is called a “lace front,” the sheer lace mesh is located at the front of the wig cap. You’ll be able to see it by pulling the hair back and looking at the cap of the wig. To create a more natural appearance, hairs are individually hand-tied to the lace front piece. 

Wigs with lace fronts are generally thought of as superior because they are more lightweight and comfortable than ordinary wigs. Since they offer more versatility in styling, the lace front wig is a popular choice among wig wearers. 

Divine Lace Wig

Milano Collection’s best-selling Divine Wig line is a lace featured wig line designed for a seamless part and transition. Our Divine Wigs feature an uniquely designed construction that allows for the most comfortable and natural look on the market. The Swiss lace top feature creates a seamless look by the hairline and part while the closed wefted back feature creates a snug molded feel that makes the wig virtually undetectable. 

The Divine Wig is extremely lightweight and is designed to perfectly replicate the density of natural hair. It was designed with durability in mind. The durable construction and superior craftsmanship has been tested and proven for unrivaled longevity.

Lace GripCap™  

Our Lace GripCap™ is the first step to achieving a seamless, natural transition. The wig cap is appropriate to wear under any type of lace wig and protects your edges while eliminating any bulk near your part and hairline. This one-size-fits-all design easily conforms to various head sizes ranging from 18” to 24” in circumference.   This machine-washable wig cap means you can throw all those thin wig cap stockings away and rely on our unique design to last for years to come. 

Lace WiGrip™ 

You may choose to try our Lace WigGrip wig grip band if you do not need a built-in wig cap. This wig grip makes securing your lace wig a breeze. The revolutionary design of the Lace WigGrip wig band eliminates the need for clips and combs, tape, or glue. It’s a damage-free, secure method solution to secure your lace-featured wigs while providing the ultimate in comfort. 

The Lace WiGrip™ wig grip is a band you wear around your head and under your wig to help keep your wig in place. The soft material keeps the band on your head while the grip keeps your hair in place. 

Milano Collection has been providing top-quality human hair  wigs and service to our customers since 2003. Our top priority has been to exceed the expectations of our customers. We know the role your hair plays in helping you live with confidence and satisfaction. To that end, we are continually innovating and introducing new products to help you look and feel your best. 

At Milano Collection, we provide solutions to your unique situation and needs and take pride in creating original wigs crafted to your specifications. Our lace featured wig constructions help to achieve a more natural look and feel while providing comfort, confidence, and security. We want your lace wig-wearing experience to be subtle, seamless, and provide undetectable results!