Lace top wigs and frontals are trending for 2019! Milano Collection is always at the forefront when creating the best secure methods to be used with your wigs. After much testing and researching Milano has created an exclusive patent pending Lace WiGrip. This unique design keeps the natural features of the wig while securing it in place all day long. It is the best glueless secure method for all lace top wigs and frontals. The unique lace featured design is the latest revolution to Milano’s WiGrip line. The Lace WiGrip creates a seamless transition when worn with a Lace Top wig. When wearing a Lace WiGrip underneath a Lace Top wig, there is no unevenness between the two materials where the hairline connects. Unlike traditional grip caps, the Lace WiGrip binds perfectly with a Lace Top wig. Finally no awkward bulging, tugging, or disconnect between the two products!


SEAMLESS: Ever seen a traditional wig cap underneath a lace top wig or frontal and noticed an obvious transition between one’s scalp and the lace wig? Well there’s finally something created for those looking for a seamless transition! That means no harsh lines, bulk, or thick cap fabric underneath the wig. The Lace WiGrip can be worn under any type of wig and matches all skin tones.

COMFORT: Milano’s Lace WiGrip was created to give lasting comfort and all-day security. The new Lace WiGrip protects edges and eliminates wig-related tensions. It helps to ease any pressure on the head and act as a barrier between your hair, preventing it from getting caught underneath your wig.

NON-SLIP & SECURE: Ever wonder how one goes about wearing a wig without it moving or shifting throughout the day? Milano’s Lace WiGrip is made up of a unique, patent-pending construction which safely secures your wig on one’s head. This unique design provides all-day security and strong non-slip grip. The Lace WiGrip not only ensures security, but also eliminates the need for clips, combs, or glue.

REINFORCED SWISS LACE: Our Lace WiGrip is composed of durable and undetectable Swiss lace material that matches seamlessly to one’s lace wigs or frontal. This delicate, sheer material transitions seamlessly under with any lace wig for an undetectable finish.

Milano Collection’s Lace WiGrip comes in two colors: Chocolate Brown and Nude

Fasten your wigs and frontals securely without any worrying throughout the day. Finally, Milano has addressed the concerned of lace wig wearers around the world with a revolutionary product that eliminates the need for wig glues. Relief for wig-related tension and preventative for bald spots are just some of the highlights of this amazing product. Secure your wigs with Milano’s gentle, effective Lace WiGrip!

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