All About Milano’s Grip Cap- 2 in 1 Wig Band + Wig Cap

All About Milano’s Grip Cap- 2 in 1 Wig Band + Wig Cap


Milano Collections wig accessories are designed to focus on wig wearing comfort, while looking as natural as possible. Much time and effort is taken to create the most comfortable and natural human hair wigs and wig accessories . There are many ways a wig can be secured to your head, the most common is clips and combs. One major disadvantage to clips and combs is that it pulls your hair often leaving sore spots or bald areas after prolonged use. Other methods include using glues or adhesives which can cause irritation and rashes and put much wear and tear on the wig. 

In response to these wig secure method issues: Milano created the revolutionary GripCap to address a secure method for any wig that creates a more comfortable wig wearing experience. It can be worn with any wig and is ideal for patients going through medical hair loss, chemotherapy, alopecia, and more!

  1. The ultimate in wig comfort – alleviates pressure caused by wigs by combining our successful WiGrip wig band and with a durable, premium wig cap
  2. Ultimate protection and security – Its patented design helps protect your scalp, edges, and hair from tangling, bald spots, and more.
  3. Secure your wig in place without the use of glue, tape, or wig clips.
  4. Eliminates the tension headaches and discomfort caused by traditional secure methods.
  5. Keeps short or unruly hair contained in the cap for a flat, smooth surface under any wig
  6. Created a protective barrier for patients of medical hair loss, alopecia, and chemotherapy

Milano’s GripCap is the perfect solution for a wig cap wearer because it keeps your wig comfortably in place. The wig cap is specially made from natural bamboo cotton fibers o ensure a soft feel. The GripCap is an ideal wig cap for women suffering from medical hair loss, wearing a wig for fashion, or for religious purposes. It works well with women with thicker hair by containing the hair under the wig or for women with little to no hair just as effectively.The GripCap offers an adjustable strap accommodates all different size heads, it’s an ideal one-size-fits-all wig accessory product.

Watch the video above to learn how our happy customer Melissa loves her GripCap


Watch the video to learn how to wear the Ultimate Comfort GripCap

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