Rock Your Hairdos with Toppers - The Secret to Full, Lush Volume

Rock Your Hairdos with Toppers - The Secret to Full, Lush Volume


Rock Your Hairdos with Toppers - The Secret to Full, Lush Volume

Whether you call them wiglets, hairpieces, or top extensions, toppers have fast become the preferred alternative for those who want to add more volume to the top of their hair.  Toppers are specifically designed to blend with your hair, as opposed to wigs which cover your hair entirely.  

Premium toppers magically transform hair in minutes, by adding more volume and fullness at the crown.  Toppers that are made from 100% real human hair are the most natural looking, and are ideal for women who are suffering from alopecia or other medical hair loss, but they’re also perfect for style gurus who want that extra volume to create natural-looking yet glamorous hairstyles in an instant, and without the commitment of extensions.     

Selecting the Right Topper for You

Once you’ve decided that a topper is right for you, the next question is which topper should you choose.  There are a wide array of toppers available, depending on your lifestyle, hair goals, and preferences.  Options include which style, size, length, and color you want that works best with your bio hair.  Milano Collection has a handy comparison guide on their topper options that explains the different styles and features, and makes it easy to choose the best topper for your needs.

Securing your Topper

One of the keys to wearing your topper in an undetectable way is ensuring you have the right method to keep it in place securely and comfortably.  Milano TopGrips are specifically designed to secure toppers in a comfortable way that eliminates the need for glue or tape.  Milano has three TopGrips available.  Their small one is designed for mono or skin top toppers or wiglets.  You just have to adjust the clips or ribbon within your topper to position the clips securely.   They also have a larger size available for larger skin top toppers or wigs, and a Lace TopGrip for lace top toppers and wigs.  

Awesome Hairstyles with Toppers  

Toppers are not only excellent for those with thin hair. They also serve as quick solutions when you want to rock a different hairstyle that will surely turn heads. A few things to consider when going for a particular look using toppers is your desired length, color, material, and style. 

Let’s take a look at three of the trendiest hairstyles you can achieve with toppers. 

Party Ponytail Look

With some texturizing hair powder and a U-shaped topper of about 24 inches, you can play with a tousled yet fun ponytail hairstyle when you make an appearance at town parties and casual events with friends. Pull off a Vanessa Hudgens look with the front layers of your topper framing your face then highlight your hair with clips, barrettes, or ponytails to give out those elegantly cool vibes that go with your casual ensemble.

24″ U-Shape Precut Topper Dark Brown Balayage

Train the hair to lay in one direction by brushing the hair back while you blow dry. Make sure you pull some of your baby hair out for a more natural look.   

Vanessa Hudgens

Top Bun

This summer, buns mean a ton of fun and you can get this awesome look ala Shay Mitchell with just a cute scrunchie, a hair curler, and a U-shape topper. 

Shay Mitchell

Wear your hair topper and take half of it to create a half bun that adds more hair volume at the top. Neatly secure your bun with a scrunchie for a cute and flirty vibe that still showcases your full and flowing long hair that’s slightly curled for a better frame.


If you’re going out on a dinner date, nothing says ‘romance’ better than a sultry look where your deeper and sleek side hair is layered into sexy curls to emphasize your facial frame. 

Taylor Swift

Get a 24″ Milano U-shape Precut Topper and part it to one side and seal in flyaways for a neater yet full layer of hair on the sides or with stunning curls just like Taylor Swift sported it at the CMT Music Awards. 

Wear this one with confidence and a gorgeous dress and you’re in for one lovely night.  

24″ Milano U-shape Precut Topper Medium Blonde

Get more expert topper recommendations by booking a virtual consultation with Milano’s Wig Specialists and achieve more natural-looking styles with U-shape toppers and other essential hair accessories.