How Lace Front Wigs Highlight This Year's Women's History Month Theme

How Lace Front Wigs Highlight This Year's Women's History Month Theme


How Lace Front Wigs Highlight This Year's Women's History Month Theme

In addition to how COVID-19 has upended the economy and our lives, women today still have numerous  challenges to contend with. Many will be quick to point out hair loss disease is one such major concern that’s still on the minds (or heads) of women all around the globe. Women lose their hair for a variety of reasons: neurosurgery, chemotherapy, alopecia, age, genetics, unexpected thinning and more. Though the challenges with losing hair almost always seem like a never ending problem, take comfort in knowing a new hair culture has emerged and it’s making more women feel confident and empowered.

While many would consider hair to be their crowning glory, it certainly isn’t the singular thing that defines an individual. As women of all ages and ethnicities celebrate this year’s Women’s History Month and the right to being heard, many experiencing hair loss disease  still feel like they should stay silent and reclusive. For those who are going through medical treatments — the effects can be isolating and emotionally painful. However, thanks to several celebrities and influencers who brought wig-wearing into the mainstream, lace front wigs are slowly turning into an everyday choice encouraging more women to flirt with fashion. Yes, it’s possible to work a different wig every day like Kylie and have no one bat an eyelid.

How lace front wigs give you confidence

It wasn’t long ago that women faced ridicule and bullying for experiencing naturally thinning hair. With lace front wigs, toppers, and other hair accessories evolving into stylish premium add-ons, wig-wearing has transformed into a novel lifestyle around the world that anyone can indulge in. 

Notice how more women of age have finally shelved those short matronly hairstyles? That’s because many opt for a ‘not-too-out there’ natural look that you can get from lace front wigs and extension pieces, which help highlight your best facial features. And with a variety of styles available from one of the most preferred wig experts around, the Milano Collection continues to create more easy-to-wear styles that cater to any age, any insecurity, any dream.

Fun fact: lace front wigs let you style your wig going back while keeping the front hairline looking natural and seamless which enables you to showcase your face and jawline in a natural way. This type of wig is one of the most ideal solutions for women who are struggling with alopecia as it allows versatility in styling and creates an undetectable look. 

Experiment and find the real you

We all know that hair loss diseases can truly be a downer for women and can make them somehow feel that they’ve lost a big part of their identities. However, lace front wigs can help redefine your personality and let you experiment with a  variety of hairstyles that make you feel empowered. 

As lace front wigs continue to become a huge trend rather than just a cosmetic solution, more individuals with hair loss diseases have tried various wig styles themselves to significantly transform their overall looks. The thought of their heads being blank canvases and waiting for a masterpiece makeover is one way to embrace natural hair loss and make something positive out of it. Women all around the world who are  experiencing hair loss diseases have even turned themselves into cover girls who are making big names for themselves across IG. 

Those who are trying to experiment with wigs for the first time may try out Milano’s Divine Lace Top  Wig,  which is one of their bestselling glueless lace and low-density creations. Another low density natural option which offers a silk top and lace front is the Ponytail Wig by Milano.  These options are expertly crafted to mimic a salon fresh look and flawlessly blend into your real-life tresses with natural shades. These wigs also provide you with a silky soft feel that doesn’t feel heavy on the head while providing a lighter and more secure fit.

Milano’s Divine Lace Top Wig and Ponytail silk top lace front wig offer a wide array of styling options for women who have lost most or all of their hair. Premium lace fronts means that there are no limits to how you can style this wig. Wear with a bang or styled back, your front hairline options are limitless while maintaining a natural flawless look. Each one comes with adjustable straps, and hand-tied swiss lace around the front edges, which creates an invisible, virtually undetectable hairline for back from the face styling.

Listen to expert opinion 

It’s not just about the wig you wear; it’s the way you wear it. If you have a hair loss disease and are looking for natural and comfortable solutions there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consult a Milano Wig Specialist right now. These experts can help you determine which lace featured or silk top wigs are right for your facial features and head size to give you that natural and perfect look whether you’re dressing up for a Zoom date or settling in for a night of Netflix. Let the hair pros share their step-by-step hacks on how to wear lace front or silk top wigs and help you feel as good as you look.

Book a free consultation with one of Milano’s Wig Specialists now and discover a whole new world of wigs that will bring out your best looks!

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