About Ponytail

Ponytail Human Hair Wig

Affordable low density human hair wigs designed to be worn up and down

The Ponytail Wig by Milano is a best-selling line of French silk top human hair wigs specially designed to be worn in a ponytail, bun or updo or down.

The Ponytail Wig  is specially-designed to address many of the issues wig-wearers experience when wearing a wig up or down. Designed for any wig wearer including clients  undergoing medical hair loss. This wig is made with a closed wefted back,  natural skin top and zig zag lace front. The Ponytail  is a low density natural wig which provides all-day comfort and security. Milano has perfected this durable cap construction to look both natural up or down. The added hand tied and under ventilated features allow a more natural look around the edges when worn up. Shop our wide selection of human hair Ponytail Wigs online. Available in 16", 22” and 26”  length and variety of colors.

Ponytail Lengths

Deep Lace:

Although our Silk Top Wigs, have a silk top as the name indicates, we have incorporated Swiss lace in the front, for a natural looking hairline.  The lace front eliminates bulk and creates a softer transition from the forehead to the wig.    There are two options for the lace front - Deep Lace and Standard Lace.   

See the below illustration for the difference between deep and standard lace.

You may want Deep Lace:

  • If you’re looking for more volume by the hairline and top 

You may want Standard Lace:

  • If you prefer a flatter, less voluminous look on top
  • If you wear bangs
  • If you tend to be heavy on your wigs and frequently lose hair