Wig Wisdom

 Wig Wisdom

You have Questions and we have Answers ... the pages below are designed to walk you through your Wig Journey.

Milano Collection is one of the foremost leaders in the wig and wig accessory industry, and since 2003 we have been catering to the needs of wig wearing women around the globe. Our wig experts have been wearing wigs for decades, and because of that, they understand the challenges of wearing wigs and toppers seamlessly and naturally. Milano Collection is uniquely positioned to be the ultimate resource for women around the world to help empower them and give them confidence in selecting and caring for their alternative hair. That's why we have designed a section of our website devoted to Wig Wisdom, sharing our extensive wig, topper and wig accessory knowledge with our valued wig wearing clients.

We've tried to distill the main questions and areas that our clients want to know about, and have organized it under Wig Wisdom, giving you access to a breadth of knowledge that is useful for any women who wears wigs or toppers or is considering doing so. Our goal is to make Wig Wisdom a key go-to resource for wig wearing women everywhere.

Our Wig Wisdom topics include explaining the different human hair types offered by Milano Collection (Virgin European, Processed Euro and Premium Processed), and the differences between each. We also have information on the different types of wig and topper cap construction, including closed wefted, hand tied, and open wefted; the different types of tops you can choose from, such as lace tops and skin tops and why you might choose one or the other; and the secure method options and linings available with your wigs and toppers.

Color is always a main area of interest for our clients, so we have included in Wig Wisdom a section showing the different color choices available for each hair type - Virgin European, Premium Processed and Processed Euro.

Wearing wigs and toppers comfortably, that are sized correctly to your head is another valuable topic that we get lots of questions about. So, we have included a chart that shows how to measure your head, and what size cap you need based on your measurements. We have the ability, for an extra charge, to adjust the cap size when you make your Milano purchase.

Other resources contained in the Wig Wisdom section include How to Videos, always a popular choice to watch; How to Care for Your Wig; How to Choose Your Wig, and our Wig Talk Podcast. We also have reviews on our products, so you can read about what our customers have to say about their Milano Collection products and gain insights from your fellow wig wearers. Our press section is another area to learn what others are saying about our products and Milano Collection overall. And, we have an ever expanding list of blog topics designed to give you useful information about a wide variety of wig, topper and wig accessory related subjects. Make sure to take advantage of Milano Collection blogs, and use them as a resource for your wig wearing needs, whether its learning about the latest wig trends, how to wear wigs and essential accessories, selecting the best wig for your needs, and maintaining your wig to keep it looking fresh and new. Milano Collection's blogs are a must-read for anyone who is interested in wig care and wig styling.

For those who want in-depth knowledge on the different Milano Collection styles available, and / or want to know about the difference between various Collections, we have a section under Wig Wisdom that provides more details on our Wig and Topper Collections. You can select the style you are interested in learning about, or read about each one of them to determine which style(s) are best suited for your needs.

We also have provided information on how to finance your wig and how to apply for medical insurance coverage for your wig, if you are wearing a wig for medical hair loss reasons, and have insurance that may cover some or all of the cost.

Last, but not least, you can check out our locations conveniently located in California, New York and Florida. Or if a showroom is not located near you, you can read about our complimentary virtual consultations that make it easy for you to meet with a wig expert from the comfort of your own home. Virtual consultations can be booked with one of our experienced wig experts, at https://milanowigs.com/pages/consult.

By now, we hope you have seen the benefits of the Wig Wisdom section of our website, and why we are eager to have you take advantage of the wealth of information designed to help all women who wear wigs or toppers, or are considering doing so. There is a lot to know and explore, and we hope you find our Wig Wisdom useful for your wig wearing needs. We're here for you!

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