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Shop Milano Collection Styling Products, all the essential tools you need to keep your wig or topper in great shape.

Milano Collection has a wide array of styling tools specifically designed to be used with wigs and toppers, keeping them well cared for, and helping you to look and feel your best in your alternative hair. Milano's Styling Tools can be grouped into three different types of products, and all are ideal for wigs and toppers, as well as natural bio hair.

Scalp Illusion Kits:

The Scalp Illusion Kits easily give your part and hairline a more natural appearance. They are available in a single duo as well as a cream palette. The Cream palette in five shades from light to dark with a 2 pack doublesided brush, to create a flawless scalp look for lace wig or topper wearers.
We created the Scalp Illusion Palette for every lace wig wearer that wants a flawless scalp look. This cream palette can be used on any brand of wig or frontal and will match all skin tones. Customize your perfect shade by using a combination of colors from the cream palette to achieve your desired color match. Colors are a matte finish for a seamless, realistic look. This palette comes with five shades ranging from light to dark and a double-sided brush with an angled side and a spoolie for optimal blending. The Scalp Illusion Palette Shades For Skin & Scalp Tone are:
Cream: White-Based Scalp Tones
Vanilla: Yellow-Based Scalp Tones
Peach: Light Skin Tone
Latte: Medium Skin Tone
Mocha: Dark Skin Tone

Brushes and Combs:

Our selection of brushes and combs are gentle and effective, minimizing wear and tear on your wigs, toppers or natural bio hair.

The newest star of our brush and comb line up is the Milano Volumizing & Smoothing Hot Air Brush. It allows you to get salon-fresh hair right from home! This is the one essential tool you need for styling your natural hair, wigs, toppers, or extensions - short or long! It combines the hot air of a hairdryer with the structure of a round brush for a smooth, shiny blowout with tons of volume in one quick, simple step. It's perfect to style wigs for a finishing touch, or on your own natural hair and it's easy to use and versatile - perfect for freshening up your look, or for a complete blow dried and styled effect. A blend of nylon and tufted bristles grip hair to detangle and smooth strands, while the round-shaped barrel adds lift and volume, making it ideal for adding shine to all hair lengths, and as a volumizer for bio-hair and wigs. You can take control of your styling routine with three temperature and speed settings for maximum styling versatility. For anyone that’s ever been challenged with styling their hair or wigs, but wants that salon look, this is the ideal tool for you. Powerful but controlled heat settings to avoid overheating and to keep you in control at all times. You can also use it on Wet or Dry Hair. For wigs, we suggest allowing the hair to air dry before using the Hot Air Brush.

Our professional quality Gentle Brush has a unique flex and heat-resistant bristles and is ideal for brushing and gently detangling wigs, toppers, extensions and any type of human or synthetic hair. Milano’s revolutionary Gentle Brush features an uniquely designed no-tangle technology that can gently detangle your wigs, extensions and human hair in record time for a salon-perfect smooth, anti-static finish. Use your Milano Collection Gentle Brush when blow-drying and styling. The uniquely designed bristles offer a heat flex technology that is safe to use with your blow dryer. It's specially designed with your wigs, toppers, and extensions in mind, and is made to make styling and brushing faster as it can be used on both wet or dry hair. Keep your wigs or bio hair shining and tangle-free with this uniquely designed bristle brush. It's available in two convenient sizes. Our regular sized Gentle Brush is ideal for everyday use at home or at a salon. Our purse-sized mini-sized Gentle Brush is perfect for travel and on-the-go and also comes with a mini carrying pouch and travel comb.

We also have two in one brush and comb sets that are available in pink, blue and black colors and each set comes in a giftable box. This gentle and effective brush and comb set add volume and eliminate knots, tangles, frizz, and flyaway strands. They are also ideal for brushing out curls for natural beach waves look. The soft bristles of the brush are water-resistant and effortlessly glides through wet or dry without causing any friction or pulling. The dual-sided comb has metal prongs with rubber tips for fluffing and teasing. The plastic side is ideal for rat tail teasing to add volume and height. This value set is the perfect solution for wig-wearers, cosmetologists and regular daily users.

Self Hold Rollers, Styling Kit, and T-Pins

For those that are looking for an easy way to curl your alternative or natural bio hair without using heat, we have Heat-optional and self-gripping hair curlers to curl your wig, topper or hair extensions effortlessly without heat. These curlers will add an immense amount of volume and body to your wig, topper or natural hair, and you do not have to worry about creases being made from regular hot curling tools. There are two kits, one with 12 pieces, and one with 18 pieces. You will never have to choose between curl sizes again because each kit comes with three different, colorful sizes for you to choose from.

Milano Collection's Professional Wig Styling Kit is essential for day to day wig styling. This kit has all your essential items including a Milano 12" or 16" Professional Mannequin Head, a Milano gentle brush, a 30-piece t-pin set, and a sturdy suction or table clamp. Everything in this package is designed for your convenience, including anytime you need to travel, work, head to special occasions, and more. The durable items included in this package are so easy to use and are made of high-quality materials so you are prepared to style your wig by using the canvas mannequin head as your model.

If you don't need the full Milano Collection Wig Styling Kit, you can opt to purchase our pack of 15 T-pins, which allow you to easily secure your wig in place while styling. These t-pins will prevent the wig from slipping off the mannequins head. The flat portion of the t-pin enables ease of pushing in the t-pin into any mannequin head surface including silicone, cork, Styrofoam, and more. Composed of a durable metal material that will not bend or warp easily.

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