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We know choosing your alternative hair can be challenging, and there are a number of factors involved. That’s why our wig experts designed this quiz to make it easy to help  you select your ideal wig or topper.

U-Shape Wig

U-Shape Wig
Shop our innovative U-Shape wig to add fullness, volume and with undetectable seams to create a flawless look 
The U-Shape Wig is a medium density wig which is ideal for fullness and length.
while providing a seamless transition. Its unique U shape designed cutout allows your natural bio hair to blend in an undetectable manner and its one-piece design allows ease of use. Eliminate the hassle of many rows of extensions and add instant volume, fullness and length. The U-Shape Wig is ideal for women experiencing thinning hair and looking for extra volume and length. It is not recommended for women experiencing patches of baldness on top.