Curtain bangs: the big hair trend in 2021 that looks good on everyone

Curtain bangs: the big hair trend in 2021 that looks good on everyone


Curtain bangs: the big hair trend in 2021 that looks good on everyone

So, what are curtain bangs? “Curtain” bangs get their name from the wispy-style, face-framing fringe “It Girls” like Brigitte Bardot and Goldie Hawn famously wore in the ’60s and ’70s. Contemporary It Girls such as Gigi Hadid, Emma Roberts and Jennifer Lopez have worn them styled for both nighttime glam or as a casual chic daytime look. 

After a year of DIY home haircuts curtain bangs are an easy transition. First, they work on everyone–all face shapes and from curls to straight hair. Second, they are lower maintenance compared to other bang styles. 

Brigitte and Emma

(Left) THEN Brigitte Bardot (Right) NOW Emma Roberts

What if you want bangs, but don’t want the commitment of bangs?

Milano’s U-Clip-on Bangs are easy to blend with your natural hair, are low-maintenance, and come in many styles and colors that you can play with to achieve both a glam or casual chic look.

Milano’s U-Clip-on Bangs are part of the U-Dream Collection and are made from real human hair to seamlessly blend with your natural bio-hair. U-Clip-on Bangs feature sturdy clips to secure bangs in seconds to your real hair, wig or topper. The “U” shaped contour allows easy blending with your own hair once fastened in place. U-Clip-on Bangs can also be styled any way you desire–from curtain, to wispy, long or short sides, cut-in texture, or fringe.

Achieve a modern mullet or shag look.

More hairstyles that offer versatility this spring are the mullet and shag. Mullets and shags – iconically popularized in the ‘70s by celebs like Jane Fonda – immediately make a fashion statement. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Scarlett Johansson have taken the retro look and added a contemporary twist. 

(Left) THEN Jane Fonda (Right) NOW Scarlett Johansson 

Our Milano Collection Lace Front Wig is ideal for achieving a mullet or shag style. It’s versatile, offering a variety of lengths and colors. 

The iBand Grip is the perfect addition to a wig you already have. It features a lace front similar to our Lace Front Wig which achieves a natural-looking front hairline when worn with your wig. The iBand Grip features a reinforced zigzag edge that allows you to style your hair back, or part your front hairline, whichever you prefer. The iBand Grip is available in a variety of colors too!

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